Lighting for Seniors Eyes

On our journey we learned that lighting standards for senior eyes has not been considered. Municipalities should recognize that active seniors refrain from playing tennis in the evenings because the illumination is too low. A 60 year old player needs 15 times the light levels of a 20 year old player (Tennis Industry Magazine 2005).

This research led to purchasing 8 LED luminaires in 2017 for the Aurora Community Tennis Club.

Lighting for Senior Eyes - Feasibility Study 2018 -07-07-2018.pdf (974.3 KB)


Amazing research Brent. Thanks so much for posting and bringing to light (sorry, I couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:) this really important issue. We will certainly be paying attention at OTF as we strive to better enable all those who have barriers to participation to get in the game. Good luck with your tennis!

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