Leveraging the Power of Parks and Public Spaces - Park Perspectives Webinar Series


(Thea Silver) #1

City parks have amazing potential to advance the environmental and social well-being of our communities, providing opportunities for nature connection and urban habitat conservation, as well as venues for communities to develop a deep sense of place and belonging.

These topics and more are being explored in Park People’s Park Perspectives Webinar series, which begins this Wednesday September 19th at 2pm EDT.

The four webinars feature expert perspectives which highlight practical ways for park champions to leverage the power of parks and public spaces. These webinars are for community groups, non-profit organizations, municipalities and anyone who wants to hear and learn from inspiring leaders a range of topics including governance, community development, inclusion, and community arts.

I’d encourage anyone working in this space who attends these webinars (or even those who don’t) to share their perspectives here and keep the conversation going on how we can advance community vibrancy through the power of parks.

Thanks Park People! Looking forward to a great and informative series!

(Thea Silver) #2

Some great information gained from the first webinar in Park Peoples’ webinar series. A few key insights:

  • Programming is key. It’s the reason that people initially come, stay and engage. Programming can include almost anything - food, physical activity, arts, stewardship
  • Parks are the gateway that can lead to deeper civic engagement, economic development and other opportunities - they act as a launching pad or springboard.
  • Small is big! Big picture thinking is important, but small wins and milestones encourage people to get involved. They’re manageable and don’t burn folks out.

If others attended, please feel free to share your perspectives. A full recording on the webinar can be found here.