Join the New Economy Community of Practice

Canada’s economy is changing. On the one hand, forces of globalization and technological change have led to increasing levels of inequality and growing precariousness of employment. On the other hand, these same forces have the potential for creating new types of economic activity that can generate quality employment. Increasingly, businesses are focusing on the social good that their operations can bring to their communities. Shared value practices, social purpose businesses, social enterprises and the growth of the sharing economy are all aspects of this new economy.

The New Economy Community of Practice is a collaborative space that brings together business leaders, academics, government and non-profit organizations with an interest in growing the new economy. The CoP will provide resources, connections and opportunities for discussion where member can share questions or best practices.

The CoP is a partnership between the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Canadian Poverty Institute at Ambrose University. It supports an ongoing research project exploring the state of adoption of new economy practices in the Ontario economy.

For more information about the project, visit or contact Derek Cook, Director, Canadian Poverty Institute at