IUCN #NatureForAll new report: Connecting with Nature to Care for Ourselves and the Earth


(Erica Thompson) #1

Connectedness with nature is a strong predictor of conservation and pro-environment
behaviour including the conservation and care of nature and biodiversity. Today, the International Union of the Conservation of Nature, through its #NatureForAll global committee, launched an exciting new evidence based report demonstrating the links between nature, conservation and human wellness; the first of its kind! This synthesis report will guide decision makers and help refine programming designed to connect people with the natural world.

Would love to hear how you and your organization are engaging people with nature! Check out the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Conservation Volunteers program to see how Canadians are helping to care for our nature reserves coast to coast.

You can find the reports in English, French and Spanish on the #NatureForAll global website. NCC is thrilled to be part of #NatureForAll Canada. Please share with your networks, cheers, Erica

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(Thea Silver) #2

Thanks for posting @EricaThompson! This report is the culmination of an international effort to synthesize evidence regarding time in nature and pro-conservation and environmental action, addressing a critical gap in the research. What’s even more cool is that it pulls together perspectives and strong evidence from around the world about the importance of nature to the health of our environment and ourselves. The writing team and steering committee was truly international and it was reviewed by over 40 people from 22 countries on 6 continents!! I love that it contains concrete actions to take, and recommendations for policy, practice and continued research!

Looking forward to others sharing how this research will help to advance their work and what they’re already doing - and doing well! - to connect people with nature and help encourage us to care for the Earth!

(MDuiker) #3

@EricaThompson and @TSilver, you mention this report contains concrete actions to take, and recommendations for policy, practice and continued research.

Are there any takeaways mentioned in the report that surprise you or hint at a new trend in nature connection and wellness?

(Thea Silver) #4

Thanks @MDuiker. For me, I’m not sure there were aspects that were tremendously surprising, as I’ve been pretty close to this work for a while. But that said, one thing that continues to strike me is how fundamental or central nature connection is to our overall well-being and that of our planet. The interconnected benefits of time in nature to positive child development, physical and mental health, social cohesion, strong economies, sustainable living and so on is well-established by research and traditional knowledge, and this is true on a global scale. The policy recommendations reflect this as they apply to education, childcare, elder care, health, arts and culture, economic development , in addition to the more traditional ‘environmental’ areas related to parks, biodiversity etc.

The other thing that strikes me is that addressing people’s disconnection with nature is not rocket science. There are really easy steps that can be taken to overcome barriers associated with connecting people with nature. While not downplaying these barriers, they can be addressed and overcome with creativity and commitment - particularly given the multi-faceted benefits of nature. What is often lacking is the the priority and motivation to do so. But hopefully with increasing recognition of the value of nature - and the efforts of movements like #NatureForAll, this will continue to change.