Innovative Approaches to Nature-based Solutions - Webinar and more


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How can nature help us address societal challenges such as human well-being, poverty alleviation, or socio-economic development, in addition to biodiversity and broader environmental challenges?

I just learned about a FREE webinar being presented by ICLEI ahead of its 2018 World Congress tomorrow morning (April 18th) at 8:30am. You can learn more and register here. I’m hoping to attend (schedule permitting) but regardless will look to post a link to the recorded version when available.

The concept of Nature-based solutions (NbS) is not new, but I think is gaining prominence particularly as we look to take cross-sectoral approaches to complex problems. I’d be really interested in using this space to continue the conversation and explore the use of NbS here in Ontario, elsewhere across the country, and beyond. Are you working in this area? Successes? Challenges? I’ve linked an IUCN report on the subject that may be beneficial, if you haven’t yet seen it.

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Informative webinar and I learned about some interesting resources that may be beneficial to folks working on urban biodiversity/nature conservation efforts. These may already be known to you, but thought I’d share…

City Biodiversity Index - The City Biodiversity Index, also referred to as the Singapore Index on Cities’ Biodiversity or the Singapore Index (SI), is a self-assessment tool for cities to evaluate and monitor the progress of their biodiversity conservation efforts against their own individual baselines. It comprises: a) the “Profile of the City”, which provides background information on the city; and b) the 23 indicators that measure native biodiversity, ecosystem services provided by biodiversity, and governance and management of biodiversity based on guidelines and methodology provided in the User’s Manual on the Singapore Index on Cities ‘ Biodiversity.

I’m curious to find out if any Canadian cities/stakeholders are using this index? I found reference online to Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal having used it, and Ottawa and Vancouver intending to, but haven’t found much more (and that was from several years ago). Any idea?

Greenprint Resource Hub - The Greenprint Resource Hub, created by The Nature Conservancy, The Conservation Fund, and The Trust for Public Land, is intended to help planners, policymakers, and the public learn about greenprints and how they can be utilized to identify strategic conservation opportunities in their communities. It includes case studies, best practices and more.

While US-based, I imagine it has broad applicability. Wonder if these resources are being utilized here. Any ideas?

I’ll share the link to the archived webinar once I receive it - and would be interested in keeping the conversation going about nature-based solutions in the urban context.

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You can watch a recording of the webinar here