Indigenous Cultural Protocols

Back in 2016 the OAC produced the video Indigenous Cultural Protocols to highlight the significance of Indigenous cultural protocols in the arts. It is a really important tool aimed at helping the arts sector better understand:

  • what cultural appropriation looks like in practice
  • the impact this has on Indigenous people and communities
  • guiding principles of collaborating with Indigenous communities (respect, relevance, responsibility, relationality, reciprocity)

It features several well-known Indigenous artists and thinkers in including Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Lee Maracle and France Trepanier. What is clear at the end of this 10-minute YouTube video is that cultural protocols exist to include people rather than exclude people. They are an ethical process for engaging with others.

I have watched this video a few times and I learn more each time. I hope you’ll watch it (again) too.

Do you know of other videos that address the issue of cultural appropriation and cultural protocols? Please share here!