Inclusive Economy Circle

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Sep 30, Oct 28 & Nov 25 2019 @ 1:00PM EST

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Summary from our August Circle:

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Inclusive Economy Circle - September 30th, from 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST.


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Inclusive Economy Circle

Purpose: The Inclusive Economy Circle is formed by people and organizations exploring how to shift our economic system towards a truly regenerative and equitable ecosystem that serves people and planet. By creating this community, we hope to mobilize the power of networks to breakthrough barriers we are facing in developing a more inclusive economy with our stakeholders.

Members: For those working to understand and reconcile with the past and confront injustices that are intentionally and systematically embedded in our economy. Acknowledging how we have been part of the problem, and how we can be a bigger part of the solution (Adapted from RSF Social Finance).

How we are supported:
Pillar Nonprofit Network: supporting social innovation through co-creation of networks and ecosystems that are responding to needs relevant to our communities.

Social Innovation Canada: pan-Canadian initiative to connect social innovation practitioners, build the capacity of our sector, and to elevate this work in Canada and beyond.


  • Attend monthly Zoom call
  • Contribute knowledge, experience and relationships
  • Discuss specific stakeholder cases and community challenges/learnings

Just-in time information sharing: We respect any confidentiality needed between parties, and any follow up can be done directly between Members outside of the call. This could result in further agreements being completed ie. Confidentiality, Non-disclosure agreements, etc.

Benefits to Members:

  • Opportunity to support the community economic development
  • Find valuable connections, get just in time information and nurture relevant relationships
  • Opportunity to network with organizations from various sectors, industries and regions
  • Professionally facilitated call to ensure good value for time
  • Reach program, business, revenue, and impact goals

When Monthly from 1pm to 2pm on the last Monday 3 times Eastern Time - Toronto