How to focus on inclusion in the midst of transition

Over the past few years, many organizations have had to shift the way they think about their work to focus on outcomes (the change they want to see) instead of outputs (what they do). Working through an evaluation can help organizations make this shift, and help them better tell the story of the difference they are making in communities. In this video clip, Jessica Ferne shares her experience with one organization that underwent this shift.

Jessica, how did you support this organization to do this, and what advice would you give to other organizations trying to do this as well? Can you tell us more about how to keep the focus on #Inclusion throughout this shift?


Thanks so much for having me as part of this interesting panel! It would be interesting to hear from other OTF partners and collaborators as to how they have leveraged evaluation processes and information to make a more effective transition towards inclusivity and demonstrating impact - or where they encountered challenges or resistance, whether internal or external.