Highlights and resources from Thrive - a convening to help youth become and stay employed


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With a goal of helping youth become and stay employed, the Thrive convening brought together youth service organizations, youth, funders, and other stakeholders to catalyze connections, learn from each other, and spark local community action.

We hope sharing the Thrive Convening Summary Highlights (5.3 MB) as well as the Youth Insights on Employment as shared at the Thrive Convening (4.5 MB) will help your organization strengthen how it helps youth find and keep employment.

Thrive attendees – Share what you are doing differently since Thrive. What are key takeaways you have brought back to your community?

Here are some resources about some of the promising practices shared at Thrive:

  1. Resource | About Job Skills Training Programs (2.4 MB)

  2. Resource | Working with Employers - Opportunity For All Youth Program (3.3 MB)

  3. Resource | Connecting Health and Employment - The Foundry Youth Works Model (3.4 MB)

  4. Resource | netWORKS - Connecting Youth with Mentors and Networks (2.3 MB)

  5. Resource | Helping Employers Hire and Retain Youth - HireNext (193.2 KB)

Share other resources and promising practices that are helping youth find and keep employment.

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Thanks for sharing - great resources from a great event!