HELP WANTED: Modernizing Skills Services and Employment in Ontario, June 2019

Help Wanted”, a new report, funded by J.P. Morgan Chase &CO on modernizing skills services and employment in Ontario by Toronto Board of Trade, Metcalf Foundation and United Way of Greater Toronto.

"Best practices for workforce strategies that support sustainable and quality outcomes for people and business rely on sector and region-specific partnerships with multiple employers, as well as scalable approaches that respond to the local needs and challenges of employers and workers. This can include aligning regional industry trends through partnerships with local education programs in the K-12, post-secondary, and other training systems. Critical to enabling local flexibility are a policy framework and incentives that align resources and activities with desired outcomes. As labour markets are regional, so too should be the programs that address the skill development and connection of talent with jobs. More comprehensive wraparound supports are required to address the needs of individuals with the greatest barriers to employment, including counselling, housing, and childcare.

Check out the report here.