Help Shape This Space! What's Important to You?

(Thea Silver) #1

OTF launched this Knowledge Centre earlier this year to provide a place where folks from across the not-for-profit sector and beyond can ‘meet’ to share, learn, discuss and debate. Over the past few months, the number of users has gradually increased and we are starting to see some interesting conversations emerge. But we know this takes time…

With the Green Hub, I’ve focused effort thus far on issues such as Canada Target 1, conservation and reconciliation, nature connection, diversity and inclusion in the environment space… but this is just a start. As I mentioned in my initial ‘Welcome Post’, this space will only truly reach its potential if it’s driven by the community - and shaped by content you want to see (and hopefully contribute)!!

So, please share your thoughts!! Let us know what’s important to you! What would you like to see? What do you want to share, learn, debate or discuss? And how might we at OTF provide ‘knowledge products’ to enhance our collective learning. I’d encourage you to make a post, contribute to a conversation, promote through social media, and engage your communities in helping to make this space your own! You may also want to poke around some of the other ‘hubs’ as well to see what’s happening there!

I look forward to your input!