Fundamental Fridays: What is an evaluation question, and why is it important?


(Stacey McDonald) #1

Evaluation questions are the questions you want to answer during your evaluation. The nature of these questions will depend of the type of evaluation. They could be:

  • To what extent do young people in our program feel space?
  • Is the program being implemented as expected?
  • Are we reaching our target participants? If not, why not?

Choosing the right evaluation questions is one of the most important steps in your evaluation. These questions will help you make a lot of decisions about your evaluation. They will focus your work to make sure you learn what’s most important to you, guide your evaluation planning and make sure the next steps are in line with your purpose.

(Stacey McDonald) #2

More tips on writing evaluation questions:

  • Have a clear link to the purpose of the evaluation
  • Avoid asking two questions in one
  • Be as specific as you can
  • Ensure you can answer each question
  • Be sure that you have the resources and time to answer all questions - it may be better to focus on 3-5 questions, and do them well
  • Involve stakeholders!

Have any others? please add!