Fundamental Fridays: Top 5 reasons why i love evaluation

While i never set out to be an evaluator at the beginning of my career, it’s no wonder that this is now the focus of my work since it combines some of my favorite things: asking questions, seeking out answers and learning.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love evaluation (and maybe why you could love it too, if you don’t already):

  1. The beginning of an evaluation is a great opportunity to check in with others and to make sure everyone is on the same page about what your goals are.
  2. Evaluations help us answer that question we’ve always had, but could never answer.
  3. Evaluations are a great tool to help us pursue excellence. We can learn where things are going well, where they’re not, and gather information on what we could do differently.
  4. Want to know what difference you’re making? Outcome evaluations can do that.
  5. Evaluations open up the opportunity to have important, meaningful conversations, and make decisions informed by evidence.

If you love evaluation too, tell us why!