Family Engagement - Models, Tips and Tools


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Research on the middle years by the Ontario Government states that “(t)he experiences that middle years children share with their parents, caregivers, siblings, extended and chosen families have an enormous impact on what and how they learn, and the way they see themselves and the world”. Understanding what parents need and involving them in program and policy design will help improve supports and services for middle years children. “Families are the experts on their children’s strengths and needs”.


The Search Institute has developed resources to help support strong family engagement.

The Family Assets Framework of the Search Institute has also been highlighted by Our Kids Network, a Halton based partnership that seeks to improve the lives of children, youth and families. You can access lots of resources on family assets in the home, in organizations, in community through the Families Matter page of Our Kids Network.

The Parents for Childrens Mental Health shares a wonderful roadmap for Parent Engagement

According to the Ministry of Education a key area of parent engagement is in schools. For schools interested in engaging parents in schools check out this resource by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education.

Do you engage families in the design, development, delivery or reinforcement of programs that impact their children? Please share your experiences, insights and resources!