Exploring the risks of sharing and linking administrative data


(Michael Lenczner) #1

Last month, we discussed some of the opportunities of sharing administrative data-sharing for the social sector here on the Knowledge Centre. We highlighted how it could enable more collaborative care and service delivery, richer social research, and evidence-based policy.

However, because administrative data refers to person-level records that government and social services keep on the people they serve, sharing this kind of data raises important questions around privacy and consent. It also raises concerns around how government data-sharing practices could amplify existing social inequalities.

Earlier this week, we published a piece on the Powered by Data blog around the risks of administrative data-sharing. In this piece, we share some examples of how administrative data-sharing has caused harm—and why we believe it’s critical to take an inclusive, collaborative approach to creating a policy agenda around this issue, to address these risks.

Are you interested in getting involved with the work we’re doing on co-creating a policy agenda around administrative data with civil society? Do you have feedback or questions? Let us know here - we would love to hear from you!

First Nations data sovereignty and the OCAP® Principles