Evaluative thinking is a way of doing business


(Stacey McDonald) #1

“Evaluation is an activity. Evaluative thinking is a way of doing business.” - Michael Quinn Patton

This is of course easier said than done. At OTF, we aim to be a learning organization - one that embeds critical thinking and values reflection. Making this a reality can take time. Two things I’ve learned so far on our journey:

  • Collect data that you can use to inform decisions. It’s in our nature to jump to solutions when we’re faced with a challenge. A great way to ensure your team engages in critical thinking, is to say “hey, what does the data say?” This allows time to slow down, and explore more fully what’s happening.
  • Have a couple of tools that people can get used to using, and that are pretty straightforward, such as Before and After Action Reviews.

If you know of any other simple ways to incorporate evaluative thinking in your organization, please share them!