Evaluation Flash Cards


(Stacey McDonald) #1

The Otto Bremer Trust engaged in a series of learning seminars on evaluation, led by evaluation guru Michael Quinn Patton. At the end of the seminars, they asked him to create a set of basic reference cards - the Evaluation Flash Cards - to help remind people of some core evaluation concepts.

There are 25 Flash Cards that cover concepts like evaluative thinking, theory of change, triangulation through mixed methods, fidelity, dosage, and more. Check out the set of flash cards out here.

Any topics on these cards you’d like us to dig into a little deeper? I’m thinking of some new ways (group video/phone calls, live chats, etc.) in which I can help people working with community organizations and nonprofits learn more about and/or improve skills in evaluation. Share your ideas/suggestions!

(Kris Erickson) #2

Thanks! This is a really tremendous, open resource.

To respond to your question, @smcdonald, about how to dig deeper (and build community capacity), I wonder about responding to the “bottom line” that appears on each card as a place to start. These succinct statements could provide a useful starting point for a conversation to reinforce understanding, ideally with orgs looking to develop capacity willing to be active participants.

For an audience of community orgs and nonprofits, I think #24, Utilization-focused evaluation, is particularly salient.

(Stacey McDonald) #3

Thanks for your feedback @kris! That does look like a great place to start.