Equitable Access to Nature - Literature Review

The Children and Nature Network’s Research Library contains a treasure trove of research related to all things “nature connection.” If you haven’t spent some time exploring it, I’d highly recommend that you do (recognizing it is extensive!)

I recently received their December Research Digest (a great resource!) and was particularly interested in the focused literature review on equitable access to nature’s benefits. This literature review describes the latest academic research on children’s equitable access to nature, highlighting 28 articles published since 2015 across five areas of inquiry:

  • Disparities in Access to Nature in Urban Environments
  • Physical and Social/Emotional Barriers to Equitable Access to Nature
  • Outcomes Related to More, or Less, Equitable Access to Nature
  • Promising Strategies and Initiatives
  • Future Research Directions

Do you have resources to add to this conversation? Is your work aiming to enhance access to nature - for everyone? I’m hoping we can continue this dialogue and sharing of resources over over the coming months!

Hope everyone gets outside this holiday season, no matter where you are or what you’re doing! Cheers!


Just came across a recent study by the University of British Columbia on this subject: Who has access to urban vegetation? A spatial analysis of distributional green equity in 10 US cities. Check it out!