Engagement For What? A Presentation by Michael McAfee


(Chelsea Carss) #1

Michael McAfee, President and CEO of PolicyLink, explores why engaging community is so important to system change work and shares his model for creating a container where collaborative initiatives can thrive.

In this series of videos, recorded in December 2017 at Carleton University, Michael shares how his Person-Role-System model can be used to engage community, build consensus, and establish outcomes for collaboratives working to solve complex issues in communities across Ontario.

Michael McAfee leads PolicyLink, a national research and action institute focused on advancing racial and economic equity: just and fair inclusion for everyone living in America. He brings over 20 years of experience as a leader who has partnered with organizations across the public, philanthropic, and private sectors to realize this vision.

You can learn more about Michael at www.policylink.org/aboutUs/staff/michael-mcafee and about the work PolicyLink does at www.policylink.org