Don't like default chart colours? Use these tips to get better colours

Underwhelmed by the default colours you see when you create charts? But once you play around changing colours, you don’t love those either? It’s tough. I was looking for advice and came across this article:
Finding the Right Color Palettes for Data Visualizations. I hope it can help others!

2 rules shared in this article:

  • Have a wide range in both hue and brightness
  • Follow natural patterns of colour (colours you’re likely to see together in nature, such as light yellow to dark purple that you would see in a sunset)
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You can find a tonne of free, online web apps that generate a colour palette for you based on a photo you upload.

I did a quick online search for “create a colour palette from a photo” and PaletteFX was the first that came up that worked well and didn’t require a membership. All it costs is a photo.

  • I recommend against using personal photos simply because I don’t know what the site owners do with the photos after upload.
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