Does diversity mean decent work for women in the Non-profit sector?


(Ikem Opara) #1

80% of Ontario Non-profit labour force consists of women workers. That is a phenomenally high number. In any surface level diversity conversation, this is a great sign. An interesting question to consider however is whether sheer numbers means that this sector offers a different experience for women in the workplace than others.

Ontario Non-profit Network (ONN) conducted a three-year project with funding from Status of Women Canada to ask questions like this, by applying a GBA+ lens (gender based intersectional analysis) to find out:

1. How can intentionally harnessing different perspectives of women working in the nonprofit sector help us identify challenges and solutions related to their economic empowerment?
2. How can we create solutions that address the experiences of diverse women working in the nonprofit sector?
3. Do barriers differ based on different regions and subsectors in the province?
4. What is the relationship between decent work for women working in the nonprofit sector and the sector’s funding models?
5. What shifts in understandings need to happen to move the needle on women’s economic empowerment in the sector? (e.g the charity model, unpaid work, care work, women’s work).

Found out how women are really faring in ONN’s recent report Women’s Voices and add your voice to the conversation here.

What have been your experiences working in this sector?
What is your take on the key questions the project answered above?