Digital Citizenship: What is it? Why is it important for Children and Youth?


(Arti Freeman) #1

Digital Citizenship is probably one of the most important 21st Century Skills children need to learn. It will help young people learn online safety and responsibility by thinking about how they act and what they share.

We are all responsible for our digital footprint and for protecting the privacy, feelings and digital property online.

The Canadian Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness has some resources for parents on how to teach digital citizenship to your kids. Click on the picture below:


En Francais


Are you a school teacher or a service provider? Click on the infographic for tips on integrating digital citizenship skills in classrooms

OPHEA has produced teaching tools for internet safety for grades 4-6 called Connect(ed).

The resource is also available in French.

Finally here are two well articulated videos on digital citizenship to help you and children you are connected to better understand and gain digital citizenship skills.

Do you have resources or experiences you can share? Are you running programs that promote and teach Digital Citizenship?