Child Development: Is it Nature or Nurture?

Today, child development is better understood as nature and nurture, with optimal child development occurring across a diversity of potential pathways. While children share many common developmental milestones, each child needs support to develop at their optimal pace. Who we are, and the experiences we have, will shape a unique developmental journey.

Over the next few weeks we will explore emerging concepts in middle years child development (ages 6 – 12), and engage key influencers and developmental experts. This is an opportunity to brush up on leading edge middle years child development research, and to spark a conversation around what more we can do to support middle years children and families in our communities and through the services we deliver.

What supports are in place in your community to help middle years children be healthy and well as they continue to grow and develop?

How are we supporting the well being of families and caregivers so that they can be the best parents that they can be?

These supports have a direct impact on short and longer-term outcomes for middle years children in your community.

Join us in conversation and collaboration as we work together to explore and act on these emerging opportunities. I looking forward to checking in with you as we go along!

Have Resources? Please feel free to share your insights and resources on Middle Years Development.

Have questions? We have a new segment Ask Dr. Jean, where Dr. Jean Clinton, child development expert, will respond to you.

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