Bullying and the Brain - Tips for Parents, Caregivers and Adult Allies

Listening is instrumental in helping children remain calm and manage their emotions. Check out Dr. Jean Clinton as she explains the effects of bullying on the brain and strategies to help children.

Thanks so much for this, Arti! It is so timely for me as we are dealing with our 2 year old getting bullied at daycare. For a month he has cried every morning begging to not go to school. The daycare has been asking us if things have changed at home. We had no idea he was being bullied until he was finally able to tell us about a boy in his class who pushes him and is mean to him. Of course, my first reaction was wanting to go to a very emotional response as illustrated in Dr. Clinton’s video - instead, we listened and assured him that we would help him. Even at his young age, listening to him and talking to him about what he is facing has been instrumental in helping all of us find our way through this. Thank you for sharing!