Back to Basics - 2018 Environmental Protection Report from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario


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2018 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION REPORT - Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Yesterday, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario released her 2018 Environmental Protection Report, titled Back to Basics, to the Ontario Legislature.

Delivered as four individual volumes, the report calls on the provincial government to limit water pollution, commit funding towards programs that protect municipal drinking water sources, as well as increase the protection of wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife across the province.

This report includes four volumes:

  • Respecting the Public’s Voice on the Environment
  • Clean Water
  • Wildlife and Wilderness
  • Southern Ontario’s Wetlands and Forests

You can read the whole report or a succinct summary below.

Interestingly, the Commissioner also references the important work done by Ontario’s Biodiversity Council, an independent entity with members who represent conservation and environmental groups, industry associations, Indigenous organizations, academia and government agencies, and calls on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (and perhaps Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks) to commit to enhanced, long-term support to enable the Council and its work to continue.

For those interested in hearing more, the ECO will be hosting a webinar on Thursday November 29th at 10:30am. Registration link is here. You can also find the Ministry comments on the report here.

Have you read the report? Did the Commissioner get it right? Were there things that she missed or misrepresented? How does this relate to your work and what can we do to advance these important issues. Please share your thoughts and perspectives. And if you tune into the webinar, please share your thoughts afterwards!