Ask Dr. Jean: Engaging Parents in the Screen Time Discussion


(Arti Freeman) #1

Dear Dr.Jean,

What suggestions can you make to service providers to help engage parents in discussion regarding screen time?

Anonymous (Service Provider)

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(Dr. Jean Clinton) #2

Screen time and its correct use and abuse is coming up more and more as a concern. As a service provider I would reach out to the communities who have engaged through public health in the “Power off and Play” Movement. I recently connected with Peterborough and their strategy see

What is key is that parents and service providers know the guidelines BUT also so importantly know what to do instead!!


Other communities have also developed similar campaigns and there are posters and fact sheets for parents that you can get and post in your centres.
Just Google POWER OFF AND PLAY. It is part of the Healthy Communities Initiative.

Another good resource is the Centre on media and child health at Harvard Here, a very knowledgeable paediatrician answers questions that anyone can pose to him.