Arts & Social Impact Explorer

I feel like I’ve just stumbled upon an arts resource gold mine! Americans for the Arts recently launched an incredible online tool that allows you to explore the diverse ways that the arts intersect with peoples’ daily lives from agriculture & food to civic dialogue, to technology & innovation.

The Arts & Social Impact Explorer is a clickable pinwheel that allows you to dive deep into a diverse range of topics via 25 Fact Sheets. Each one provides an overview, impact points, examples of practice, a reading list and organizations that work at the intersection of the arts and that particular topic. Here are some additional topics that align with some of the areas OTF invests in:

  • workforce development
  • community cohesion
  • community development
  • diversity, equity & inclusion
  • economic development
  • public welfare
  • environment & sustainability
  • health & wellness
  • education & youth development

It’s an incredible tool to illustrate the ways in which the arts are embedded in our day to day lives and inspiration to imagine the ways in which the arts can contribute holistically to healthier and vibrant communities. It’s also an incredibly helpful tool for folks working in the arts sector to explore how their activities may already contribute to greater social impact than they had been previously aware of.

It makes for some great summer reading! Enjoy!


This is really great, Liz! So well done. Thanks for sharing!