Artful Anti-Oppression: A Toolkit for Critical and Creative Change Makers

(Liz Forsberg) #1

Brought to you by the now defunct but amazing youth-led organization, AVNU and funded through the equally awesome organization Artreach, Artful Anti-Oppression is a thorough guide to cultivating equity principles and practices using an anti-oppression approach. It’s a highly accessible toolkit that explains the anti-oppression approach and proposes that these practices be woven into personal and social values. The guide is particularly unique because it is infused with transformative art exercises to help the reader learn about, express and practice anti-oppression both in an individual and a group context. You can find it in 3 parts:

Artful Anti-Oppression Volume 1: Roots
Artful Anti-Oppression Volume 2: Isms
Artful Anti-Oppression Volume 3: Systems

Key topics covered in the toolkit:
v1 Power and privilege
v1 Intersectionality
v1 Indigeneity & Decolonization
v2 Race & Anti-Racism
v2 Biological Sex & Feminism
v2 Gender & Gender Freedom
v2 Sexuality & Antip-Homophobia
v3 Ability & Disability Justice
v3 Class & Classism
v3 Allyship & Accountability

The toolkit is capped off with a great glossary of key terms and a bibliography to guide you towards further reading. This is one of the most accessible and highly readable anti-oppression guides I’ve come across.

March 5 2019 update - ArtReach has an entire resources library dedicated to Anti-O & Equity now! You can find that here: <<<

Happy reading!

ps - if you’ve used this toolkit, we’d love to hear about it. Did you have a favourite exercise? Are there pieces you found particularly helpful?

pps - if you have a resource you’d like to share in this series, please do! Just write a post and add the tags #equity #diversity #inclusion #cultural-equity

ppps - I am actually on vacation right now and my incredible colleague @IOpara is hosting this hub while I’m away. He’s our actual strategy lead around all things equity, diversity & inclusion and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject!


(Liz Forsberg) #3

Hi @tomhw

I see the links are now broken. Were you able to find the toolkits elsewhere? I don’t have shareable copies but I can try and track down some working links to update this post!


(Kris Erickson) #4

I would certainly appreciate copies, though I’m happy to reach out directly if you want to share a lead. Thanks as always, Liz!

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(Liz Forsberg) #5

Hi Kris! Apologies for the delay but with help from Allie and Paulina at ArtReach I was able to track down the updated links to the toolkits. I’ve updated the original post and, for ease of reference, have included them below too.


(Kris Erickson) #6

Tremendous! Many thanks, @LForsberg!