Are you curious about inclusion in your evaluation work?


(Ikem Opara) #1

Earlier this year, OTF partnered with the Canadian Evaluation Society to host a cross sectoral conversation focused on how to evaluate inclusion focused initiatives . We had a robust conversation with four people doing a combination of evaluation, research and/or program delivery in the inclusion space. Our contributors were Jessica Ferne, John Beebe, Paul Favaro and Andrew Taylor.

Every Thursday for the next four weeks, we will be sharing short videos of some of the conversation we had that we think would be interesting for organizations working in this space. The first one How To Focus On Inclusion in the Midst of Transition went up yesterday! Our first contributor Jessica Ferne, shares about the evolution of the License to Learn initiative through data and evaluation. Click the link and follow the conversation and share with us how you are keeping #inclusion in focus while pivoting in your evaluation work?

Use #evalforinclusion to follow the conversation. Join us and share your thoughts!

(Michael Prosserman) #2

I think this is vital in community work. Sometimes evaluation not only doesn’t take into account the people involved but can be triggering in many ways because of a lack of inclusion. I’m really excited by the work being done by: They are about to come out with some brand new reports on the topic and have some past stuff already up there.

Thanks for sharing Ikem and really happy to hear OTF thinking about this in supporting communities beyond just $$$ but also in terms of building capacity on community first evaluation practices.
Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

-mike prosserman

(Stacey McDonald) #3

@bboypiecez Thank you so much Mike for introducing us to the Equitable Evaluation Initiative. I’m looking at the Pushing Thinking section of their resources and there are so many pieces here I want to read. Is there a specific piece that you would recommend?

I’m starting with The Importance of Culture in Evaluation, a guide from The Colorado Trust. I like what they share at the beginning: “Within an evaluation, the process of information exchange, interpretation and application of knowledge are significantly influenced by the cultures of the participants, including the evaluator.” This is something that I feel like I need to reflect upon for our work here at OTF. I’m looking forward to reading their insights, so thanks again for sharing!

(Ikem Opara) #4

Thanks very much for bringing that up @bboypiecez. It is a critical perspective and is why our discussion was both how to evaluate initiatives focused on inclusion, but also how to practice inclusion in evaluation.