Applying a Disability lens to Trillium grant funding Open Data

Anyone apply a Disability lens to Trillium grant funding Open Data?

I was informed while ago that OTF itself does periodic reviews of grant funding based on different equity seeking groups and geography across Ontario.

If someone at OTF has already applied a disability lens then I would simply ask for the report as Open Data rather than reinventing the wheel.

My basic quesiton: Is there a difference in grants (number of dollars) between urban, near urban and rural Ontario for organizaitons serving individuals with disabilities. This could be done by postal code for grants where available.



Great question, I’d love to hear if anyone’s been working with our open data as well! We do take a high-level look at how our granting dollars are being allocated to organizations serving equity-seeking groups, including those with disabilities; however, we’re still working on taking the next step to see how those split into the community and postal code level. If someone out there has figured it out already, our team would love to hear from you.