Advancing SEL in Ontario and Canada - Promoting and Supporting Student Wellbeing in Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Education has included Student Wellbeing is one of four goals for Education. Check out their website which includes the graphic and explanation of wellbein gbelow

What makes up Well-Being?


Well-being can be seen as having four interconnected elements that are critical to student development, with self/spirit at the centre.

Promoting student well-being is about fostering learning environments that encompass these elements:

Cognitive: The development of abilities and skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and the ability to be flexible and innovative.

Emotional: This involves learning about experiencing emotions, and understanding how to recognize, manage, and cope with them.

Social: The development of self-awareness, including the sense of belonging, collaboration, relationships with others, and communication skills.

What are some ways your organization is supporting these wellbeing goals? For instance, OPHEA runs a Healthy Schools Certification Program, where students, staff, and the broader community collectively select one of six priority health topics to work on.

It would be great to hear what others are doing!