Access to Arts as Youth in Rural Communities

(Alyssa Kostello) #1

I grew up in North Eastern Ontario (Cobalt, Haileybury, New Liskeard) and was lucky to be able to go home and present at the SPARC Symposium in May. I haven’t lived rural as an adult but I have strong roots to home and love staying in and visiting other rural areas.

I made this video interviewing others about their experiences growing up rural and what exposure to the arts did for them:

(Liz Forsberg) #2

What a fantastic video Alyssa! Thanks so much for sharing it. It speaks volumes to the importance of accessing arts opportunities when living in rural areas and isolated areas. Right after watching it I happened to have a meeting with some colleagues at the Ontario Arts Council who are working with 22 school boards across the province, many in rural areas, to address the issue of more equitable access to arts education across their student bodies. They’re starting to make some good headway. It’s exciting and important work.