70 Years Later: Contemporary Perspectives on the Massey Commission

Mass Culture co-founder and Operations Group member Tara Mazurk facilitates a conversation about the Massey Report, released in 1949, that includes Ravi Jain (Artistic Director of Why Not Theatre), Kate Taylor (Author, Art Critic and Journalist for The Globe and Mail), Thomas Sparling (Executive Director of Creative Manitoba), and Zainub Verjee (Executive Director of Ontario Association of Art Galleries).

Find out more about these Conversation Starters here.


This was such a great conversation to coordinate and the speakers each brought such a distinct perspective to the conversation. I’m curious though, if it were decided by whatever powers that be that another commission were to be struck, who should be leading it? who needs to be at the table? Do we even need something like “Massey 2020”. Please share your thoughts. #MCDigtal