$15 is a good start but Decent Work is much more than this

The Decent Work Movement in the Nonprofit Sector is a campaign to get Ontario nonprofit organizations committed to a journey to implement Decent Work in their organizations.


Workers in the nonprofit sector are passionate about their work and the sector overall provides work that is meaningful and benefits society. However, there are emerging symptoms of distress:

  • High rates of precarious part-time and contract employment
  • Low levels of retirement and benefits coverage
  • Underinvestment in training and development
  • Poor work/life balance


If nonprofit organizations commit to – and follow through on – implementing Decent Work initiatives, workers and organizations will be happier and healthier and more resilient overall. The nonprofit sector will emerge stronger and with increased capacity to meet their goals, missions and mandates in their communities.


Get curious about the decent work journey by connecting with randall@onn.ca He will be able to share more information with you and step you through these 2 Decent Work resources.

Change Work Summary

The key document that summarizes the idea of Decent Work in the nonprofit sector (see reverse side for 7 key elements of Decent Work).

Decent Work Check List

Decent work looks different for every organization. It is a long term goal. Browse this checklist to get a general idea of where your organization fits on the spectrum of decent work.

For more info contact randall@theonn.ca 416 642-5786 ext 505

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Thanks Randall for the call to action for decent work in the non-profit sector in Ontario. It is so important to raise the issues so more and more people can get behind the campaign.

What do others think? Check the decent work checklist out. What are the barriers you are facing to implement decent work practices in your organization or sector?

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