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Theme Thursdays: Is an impact evaluation right for you? (2)
Weigh-in Wednesdays: Do you share your evaluation results publicly? Why or why not? (1)
Tuesday Tip: Instead of using dual axis charts, try side-by-side charts (1)
Tip Tuesdays: Slow down. Think a little more. Talk to people (1)
Method Mondays: Have a great survey tip or resource? Please share! (1)
Fundamental Fridays: Key evaluation steps, all in one cute little image (1)
Weigh-In Wednesday: Former eval naysayers turned eval lovers: what changed your mind? (1)
Fundamental Fridays: Top 5 reasons why i love evaluation (1)
Theme Thursday: Social Return on Investment? (1)
Continue the Conversation! Embracing Diversity and Evaluating Inclusion-Focused Initiatives (1)
Tip Tuesdays: Want to learn about odds ratios, confidence intervals, or significant results? (1)
Method Mondays: Want to learn more about different types of research methods? (1)
Method Mondays: Mobile Data Collection (2)
Fundamental Fridays: Choosing the right type of evaluation for the stage of your project (1)
Theme Thursday: Engaging children in your evaluation (1)
Weigh-in Wednesday Repeat! How can OTF help build your evaluation skills? (1)
Tip Tuesdays: Before you begin your evaluation, review or develop your theory of change (1)
Theme Thursdays: Let's talk evaluation themes and approaches (3)
Fundamental Fridays: How I like to define evaluation (1)
First Tip Tuesday! Check-out OTF's evaluation e-learning course (1)
First Method Monday: How to choose the right method for your work? (1)
The Measurement Hub's weekly schedule (1)
Where do you look for evidence relevant to your work? (4)
Interested in evaluation and measurement? Help kick off the conversation! (2)
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