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Theme Thursdays: Is an impact evaluation right for you? (1)
Weigh-In Wednesday: Former eval naysayers turned eval lovers: what changed your mind? (1)
Tip Tuesdays: Slow down. Think a little more. Talk to people (1)
Fundamental Fridays: Top 5 reasons why i love evaluation (1)
Theme Thursday: Social Return on Investment? (1)
Continue the Conversation! Embracing Diversity and Evaluating Inclusion-Focused Initiatives (1)
Tip Tuesdays: Want to learn about odds ratios, confidence intervals, or significant results? (1)
Method Mondays: Want to learn more about different types of research methods? (1)
Method Mondays: Mobile Data Collection (2)
Fundamental Fridays: Choosing the right type of evaluation for the stage of your project (1)
Theme Thursday: Engaging children in your evaluation (1)
Weigh-in Wednesday Repeat! How can OTF help build your evaluation skills? (1)
Tip Tuesdays: Before you begin your evaluation, review or develop your theory of change (1)
Theme Thursdays: Let's talk evaluation themes and approaches (3)
Fundamental Fridays: How I like to define evaluation (1)
Challenge: evaluation 101 in 30 mins. What would you cover? (17)
Our first Weigh-In Wednesday! How can OTF help build your evaluation skills? (1)
First Tip Tuesday! Check-out OTF's evaluation e-learning course (1)
First Method Monday: How to choose the right method for your work? (1)
Where do you look for evidence relevant to your work? (4)
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